The Almonte Civitan Club donates 17  LCD flatscreen 19″ TVs to CHEO to be used in their emergency department.

CHEO representative Lisa (Newton) approached project chairperson Ron Terpstra expressing a desire to have TVs available in the ER examination rooms for children and their families to be entertained and distracted somewhat from their trauma.  Ron thought this was an excellent and worthy cause and presented the idea to the club who supported the project with their  approval for funding.

The TVs were purchased locally through Tom Levi at Levi’s Home Hardware.  Tom also thought this was an excellent cause as assisted the project by offering a generous discount on the purchase price of the TVs.

Almonte Civitans Bill and Stella Lawrence delivered the truckload of tv’s to a very happy ER staff at CHEO.

Maintenance staff at the hospital provided the assistance to install the TVs.  Plaques indicating DONATED BY THE ALMONTE CIVITAN CLUB are now displayed on the TVs.

Hopefully you will never need to see them, but if you ever do have to visit the CHEO emergency room, please enjoy the entertainment brought to you courtesy of the members of the Almonte Civitan Club.