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What we do

The Almonte Civitan Club is a a not-for-profit corporation organized for the purpose of building good citizenship. The aim of the Club is to develop in its members, their associates and the community, a high sense of responsibility toward common problems. In order to accomplish this purpose the members of the Club shall meet regularly to have fellowship together, to acquire a broader knowledge of public affairs and community needs, and thus become better prepared for intelligent leadership and cooperation in the solving of civic problems through study and instruction, and each member shall seek out opportunities to render altruistic service to mankind.

The Club promotes and furthers the purpose, aims and objectives of Civitan International and District as well as the inspiration and exchange of ideas between clubs.

The Club shall promote the growth of Civitan within the District.

The Club shall exemplify its motto “BUILDERS OF GOOD CITIZENSHIP” and maintain at all times the highest ethical and moral standards among its members.


Fellowship is an important part of every growing and productive service club. Civitan offers our members many opportunities to socialize, to meet new friends, and network with others in the community. Working together on club projects at at community events can be a fun, pleasurable and satisfying experience. Meetings and special events provide additional social and fellowship opportunities.

The Almonte Civitan Club is a very active club with its own projects and community events. We are a very family oriented club and have several Husband,Wife, Daughter, Son family members involved. Although not directly members, family and younger children are frequently involved and welcomed in our activities.

Not everything is work. The Almonte Civitan Club has many social events for the purpose of just having fun, and often a great meal.


Civitans seek to keep informed about their communities and to improve themselves through lifelong learning. Informative programs are geared to the members’ interests.


Serving the community of Almonte since 1972, the Almonte Civitan Club is dedicated to improving the Mississippi Mills area by helping others. Our members are involved in a variety of service projects to help the community. With our variety of fund-raising projects, we are able to contribute monetary donations to those individuals, groups, events and projects requiring help. We also have many members serving on committees and boards of other organizations providing experience, knowledge and assistance as required. On the international level, the Almonte Civitan club funds the Civitan International Research Center, a center for research and treatment of Mental Retardation and other developmental disabilities.

Focus on Developmental Disabilities

On the international level, Civitan is devoted to improving the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities.  This focus began in the 1950s when Civitan funded some of the first special education training for school teachers.  That commitment continues today through local and international efforts such as summer camps, vocational programs, Special Olympic games and cutting-edge research, therapies and clinical services at the UAB Civitan International Research Center.

Let's work together

Civitans are dedicated to improving their communities through community service. On the international level, Civitan focuses on helping people with developmental disabilities. Civitan funds the Civitan International Research Center, a research and treatment facility for developmental disabilities and special needs.

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