Party Trays

Catering PArty Trays

Assorted Sandwich Platter – 48 Pieces – Roast Beef, Ham, Egg & Salmon Fresh Fruit Platter – Assorted Fruits
Domestic Cheese Platter – Assorted Cheeses and Crackers
Vegetable Platter – Assorted Vegetables and Dips
Pickle Platter – Assorted Pickles
Devilled Egg Platter – 60 Pieces on a Bed of lettuce
Shrimp Platter – over 80 Succulent Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce
Cold Cut Platter – Assorted Cold Meats
Wrap Platter – Assorted Wraps (Meat and Vegetarian)
Dessert Platter – 50 Assorted Homemade Squares.

A Platter serves 15 to 25 people when combined with different Platters.

For current pricing and to discuss your options and ideas with our Catering Chairman, please call 613.256.6234

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